Susan Richardson LLC
About the Practitioner

Susan Richardson, LSW, LMT, NCBTM, Massage Therapist, , Practitioner of Energy Medicine, Ministry student in the Center of Sacred Studies, Teacher of Dying Consciously.  I practiced social work in my earlier career and began training in massage and energy medicine in the late 80's.  My training has included massage, crainoscacral, lymphatic drainage, zero balancing, luminous healing, Reiki and other energy medicine practices.


Sessions primarily consist of deep tissue massage.  Upon request other techniques are included such as "the steamy wonder", energy techniques, essential oils and life supportive strategies.

Practice Philosophy:  I honor and believe in the inner healing abilities of the human mind, body and spirit.  I also support the concepts of intent and gratitude.

I believe that the human body desires to be healthy and in balance.  Information is essential for this and includes insight from many arenas.  Being open and willing to look at different avenues, may give you the information you seek.

 Find joy and peace.

A little bit about me: I love the great outdoors which includes camping, hiking and gardening. 



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